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The Importance of Legal Representation After a DUI Arrest in Virginia

Were you recently arrested on a suspected DUI in Virginia? If so, you likely face current or forthcoming criminal charges against you. A DUI/DWI conviction carries severe potential penalties such as jail time, significant fines, and losing your driver’s license. It is crucial that you have legal representation after your arrest to help you deal with the administrative and criminal proceedings that are happening against you.

Our Manassas DUI lawyers are highly experienced criminal defense attorneys who know how to handle your DUI/DWI case. We have decades of courtroom experience and know how to fight back against Virginia prosecutors. 

What You Face After an Arrest

Whether this is your first DUI arrest or a subsequent offense, legal representation is critical to protecting your constitutional rights. Several proceedings are about to happen, both administratively and criminally against you. 

Administrative Proceedings After a DUI Arrest

An administrative license suspension is a proceeding that happens separately from and even before you are criminally convicted of a DUI. These proceedings apply to drivers who refuse to submit to a blood or breath test, or if a person has a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or higher. Your license can be confiscated by the arresting officer and handed to the court.

There are many complexities and unique rules that apply in administrative cases your attorney can help you with.

Criminal Proceedings

You will also face criminal DWI charges. Here, the prosecutor must prove you committed the offense beyond a reasonable doubt. This is a high standard and one your defense attorney can help you challenge. Without a strong legal defense, you could face a longer suspension of your driver’s license, expensive fines, and even jail time.

Benefits of Hiring a DUI Defense Attorney in Virginia

Attempting to handle a DUI/DWI on your own can be incredibly difficult. Prosecutors use several tactics against self-represented individuals they may not be able to get away with when a lawyer is on the other side. When you are represented by an experienced drunk driving defense attorney, you get benefits such as:

  • The Attorney’s Experience: An attorney has seen it all. They can use their years of experience to know what is coming, plan your defense, and anticipate what the prosecutor will try to use to convict you.
  • Knowledge of DUI Laws and Regulations: A Virginia DUI defense lawyer knows the relevant criminal statutes and administrative rules that may be used against you. This includes the nuances of administrative hearings and the various versions of DUI charges you might face.
  • Investigatory Skills: A criminal defense attorney knows how to analyze your situation and look for weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case. The attorney can talk with witnesses, review videos or photographs, research how the law applies to your facts, and much more. 
  • Presenting DUI Defenses: A skilled attorney knows which DUI defenses apply in your case and how to use them effectively. This could include challenging field sobriety tests, breath tests, or filing a suppression motion to challenge the traffic stop. These common defenses and countless others may help reduce or eliminate the charges against you.
  • Representation in Court: If your case goes to court, legal representation is key. Courtroom procedure and knowledge of the law is presumed, even if you would be without an attorney. You would get no special treatment for representing yourself, leaving you at a distinct disadvantage when facing an experienced prosecutor. An attorney balances the scales and gives you the power to fight back.

Get Legal Representation in Your Virginia DUI/DWI

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