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The legal team at Battlefield Law Group PLLC is committed to providing top quality Virginia criminal defense litigation. We are selective in the cases that we choose and we only take on those that we believe we can handle successfully. Because of this, we are able to devote ample time and resources to each of our clients and ensure that we are providing them with all available and effective defenses. The lawyers at Battlefield Law Group PLLC are focused, results driven, and ready to fight.

When you come to Battlefield Law Group PLLC, you can be assured that you are receiving aggressive defense representation. This means that we will do everything that we can to help you obtain an acquittal for your charge. In some cases, our clients are better served by negotiating a plea bargain. In those situations, we will go over all of the evidence with you prior to your court hearing and help you weigh your options in order to secure the best possible outcome. Our team believes that you are best served by hearing the truth and we promise to always give you an honest assessment of your case.

The attorneys at Battlefield Law Group PLLC know how difficult it is to face criminal charges. The process can seem daunting and terrifying. In many cases, our clients are fighting to keep their freedom, livelihood, reputation and families when they come to us. A conviction can result in life-altering consequences and it is imperative that your defense attorney be prepared to conquer the constitutional challenges that you may face during your case.

We Excel at Laying the Foundation for Winning Cases in Court

Our attorneys excel in constitutional arguments which often lay the foundation for winning cases in court. Recently, Battlefield Law Group PLLC successfully argued (and won) a Fourth Amendment challenge against an illegal search of one of our clients. Over the years, we have also had incredible success arguing Fifth Amendment violations, Due Process claims, Sixth Amendment speedy trial motions and countless others. It is our job to hold the police and government accountable for their actions and we take that job seriously for the benefit of our clients.

In addition to constitutional defenses, Battlefield Law Group PLLC employs a mentality of focusing on trial, even in the preliminary stages of a criminal case. Above all else, we are trial attorneys and we are never afraid to argue a case, in court, before a judge or a jury. No attorney can ever promise you an acquittal, but the ability to skillfully litigate all cases is a promise that we make to each of our clients. Although every case is different, in certain investigative cases, this mentality has proved enough to prevent prosecution of a client altogether.

Experience Throughout the Criminal Justice System

The attorneys at Battlefield Law Group PLLC have a wealth of experience ranging from prosecuting criminal cases to defending murder charges and many areas in between. We work collaboratively on cases and have frequent team meetings to discuss strategy. In this way, our clients get the best possible representation and can draw on our collective litigation experience.

When you are charged with a Class 1 Misdemeanor in Virginia, as defense lawyers, our goal is keep you out of jail. We fight to keep your driver’s license. We work hard to keep a conviction off your record.

When you are charged with a Felony in Virginia, our goal is to keep you from becoming a convicted felon. We battle to keep you out of jail and off probation. We work hard to lessen the impact on your future and your life.

We Help Our Clients and do Our Best to Keep Them From Convictions

Above all, our results speak for themselves. We have kept police officers, teachers, doctors, and other lawyers from being convicted of crimes and losing their professional licenses. Our clients routinely rate us highly and write reviews that reflect their positive experiences. We have helped clients all over Virginia.

All of the hand-picked attorneys at Battlefield Law Group PLLC have successfully handled and won criminal defense cases. We pride ourselves on having significant backgrounds in Manassas criminal defense. The reason this makes us special and uniquely qualified to handle your case is that you have a team of attorneys prepared to defend your rights. Practicing criminal law necessarily puts an attorney in front of a judge, in a courtroom, up to 5 days a week. When the Commonwealth of Virginia charges you with a crime, you need the best attorneys to protect and defend you in the courthouse. And when you are asked to take a plea deal or go to trial, you need to make sure you have experienced trial attorneys prepared to follow through on the right decision for you. We prepare necessary motions. We present our cases to judges and juries. The trial attorneys at Battlefield Law Group PLLC are your counsel when you need it the most.

Our Attorneys Help You Find Out What is Best for your Case

We know that our clients are under great pressure and stress when they consult with us regarding their pending criminal investigation or charges. When you meet with us, rest assured that the information you provide to us is privileged communication that cannot be used against you in court. As such, to get the most out of your consultation, provide your attorney with the most accurate and detailed case information you have so that your personalized consultation gives you the best advice possible. While you will hear from us that we cannot provide guarantees about the outcome of your case, you will leave a consultation with us informed and knowledgeable about the possible outcomes you can expect in your case.

When you have a legal issue, you need solid legal advice from a criminal defense lawyer VA with experience. Legal topics and criminal charges that we have defended and won in court avoiding a criminal conviction include white collar crimes, juvenile crimes, petty theft, traffic tickets, DUI and DWI drunk driving arrests, drug crimes, and criminal activity including sex crimes, violent crimes, domestic violence, and more. You will see a detailed list of our areas of practice on the right hand side of this page. We are also experienced with family law and child custody issues. We can help with simple issues such as filling out legal forms, bench warrants, and performing legal research, as well as estate planning, real estate issues, and more complex issues in the criminal justice system including personal injury and dealing with law enforcement. You cannot rely on a public defender when facing criminal charges, hire a criminal lawyer in Virginia that will work hard to defend your freedom.

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