Nidia Hernandez

They kept me informed at every step and skillfully navigated the complexities of my cases. I am truly grateful for their outstanding representation and would highly recommend them and the entire firm to anyone in need of legal assistance.

Nidia Hernandez


Born and raised in Manassas, Virginia, Nidia embodies the values of community and compassion. She embarked on her academic journey at Chowan University as a first-generation college student, where her intellectual pursuits led her to graduate with a major in Psychology and a minor in Criminal Justice.

Through her desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others, Nidia discovered a passion for helping and assisting people. Her ties to the community drive her commitment to helping those who need it. In the future, Nidia aspires to channel her knowledge and empathy into the field of law. Her ambition is to continue her education and to positively contribute to the legal system.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Nidia finds joy and fulfillment in trying and cooking new foods and exploring flavors from around the world, she enjoys happily investing her time in watching over and cherishing her many nieces and nephews, and binge-watching her favorite series.