Jenifer Turcios Hernandez

This is the absolutely, very best law firm I have ever interacted with. She was very professional and did an excellent job. We would highly recommend her services. Worth every penny. They are amazing! Very professional and proactive! Love their staff and how responsive they are.

Jenifer Turcios Hernandez


Born in Manassas, Jenifer Turcios Hernandez is a proud graduate of Osbourn High School, she has a passion for criminal law and helping people. Jenni is a proud Latina who takes pride is helping members of her community and enjoys doing so in her daily life.

Jenni jumped  into the legal world straight out of high school and hopes to continue growing in the legal world as well as continuing her education.

In her free time, you’ll find Jenni listening to music, trying  a new make-up style, or enjoying a true crime podcast with her cat Ivy by her side. She is the eldest of her five siblings and takes on a big role in all of their lives.