Public administration, health services administration, education, business, and accounting are just some of the programs offered by Strayer University – Manassas campus, allowing family members to introduce real-life experiences into classes.

Most students like to have peace and quiet while studying, and the Manassas Battlefield Park borders the Manassas campus helping to create a relaxed feel. However, students are also within easy reach of a movie theater and restaurants and have access to a computer laboratory, library and student lounge area. For convenience, the campus is open on Saturdays, as well as early evening and daytime.

Navigating courses and balancing the workload isn’t always easy so they invite you to take advantage of a Personal Success Coach who can help students make sense of their schedule, and analyze their strengths and any weaknesses. When there are questions about careers, the Learning Resource Center has the tools one needs. Questions or concerns about financial aid can be addressed with the Financial Services team. Balancing work and school life is a lot easier when you take advantage of the resources offered at Strayer University – Manassas Campus.

Online Learning – a Brave New World

Today’s students want the flexibility and convenience of taking classes when it fits their schedule, and Strayer offers a variety of online classes. If one has studied online before, they will find that classes are different – they strive to make them useful and engaging by using the latest technological and academic techniques. Strayer has always embraced innovative teaching methods and that’s no different when it comes to online learning, even in those disciplines that you might not normally associate with teaching. Their focus is on helping one earn their degree while balancing a busy life, whether one calls it online learning or getting a degree when it best fits your schedule. And if you are looking to explore some local history please check out the Mayfield fort!

Online Learning Means Studying at One’s Own Pace

Creating a more rewarding experience for students has always been the goal of Strayer University since they offered their first online courses over two decades ago. Since than they have continually advanced the concept of online learning, and of course, students are able to study when it’s most convenient to them, allowing them to get as much as possible out of the experience. It’s all part of enriching the learning experience and advancing a career but without the limitations of a schedule in the classroom.

Campus Classes

Of course, if one would prefer to learn in the actual classroom, Manassas campus offers that option too. Again, the focus is on accommodating a person’s busy schedule, with classes on weekends and in the evening as well as during the day. Expect to be given the benefit of real-world experience from their highly respected faculty staff.  If you or a loved one need help be sure to contact the offices of Battlefield Law Group PLLC today!