Domestic assault is any violent, coercive, abusive, threatening, or forceful act that one family member or one household member inflicts on another. It occurs in a domestic setting, such as in cohabitation or marriage. It also includes violence against parents, children, or the elderly, and can be verbal, physical, emotional, religious, economic, and reproductive.

This type of violence can affect anyone, no matter the gender and the age. However, in most cases, the victims of domestic assault are women. Women also tend to experience more serious types of violence. Unfortunately, domestic violence is one of the most underreported crimes in the world, both for women and men. Many victims of domestic assault feel embarrassed and too ashamed to seek help. Something like this is a mistake as, if it goes unreported, it won’t stop by itself. It is essential to do something about it and seek assistance from professionals as soon as possible. No one should live his or her life in fear.

Domestic Assault Lawyer

However, domestic assault cases are rarely straightforward, and sometimes, charges for this offense are a simple mean to get revenge. In some cases, an innocent spouse can be accused of domestic violence. It usually happens when a person wants to get revenge on a spouse or an ex-spouse. False assault charges are also a popular solution when someone wants to ensure custody over the children or get more in a divorce settlement. These are some of the situations that include a false domestic assault accusation. Additionally, in some cases, a person can be accused of this type of violence even if he or she had a valid excuse for this behavior, such as in situations that include self-defense.

Luckily, if you have been charged with domestic assault, it doesn’t mean that you will be automatically found convicted or guilty. All you need to do in these situations is to hire one of the best criminal defense lawyers you can find to fight for your rights and protect your interests. An experienced defense attorney will prove your innocence and have the charges dropped. If you have been falsely accused of a domestic crime that you didn’t commit, Battlefield Law Group PLLC can help you.

It is essential to be aware that it can be challenging to live with an assault conviction. A lot is at stake in these situations, and the last thing you probably want is to be convicted of a crime that you didn’t commit. If your spouse or ex-spouse is accusing you of a domestic assault just to get revenge, it is crucial to get in touch with the right attorney as soon as possible. You shouldn’t let your spouse ruin your entire future with false accusations. Having violence charges on your criminal record can have an adverse impact on the rest of your life, for example, when trying to find a new job in the future. Some employers don’t look forward to hiring someone who has been accused of domestic violence in the past.

If you and your ex-spouse are getting divorced and are fighting over the custody rights of your children, you may face false assault charges just to lose the battle and the custody. Something like this often happens, and in these situations, it is vital to seek the professional assistance as soon as you can. It is critical to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect your interests and prove your innocence in court. False assault accusations are a desperate way to get revenge, but they can have a long-lasting impact. That’s why you should seek the services of a reputable defense lawyer who will prove your innocence in court and provide evidence that the accusations are invalid and not credible.

Consequences of Domestic Assault Charges

You should be aware that domestic assault charges can be considered a misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor, or a felony, depending on the circumstances involved, and on the criminal history of the accused. In some situations, you can be facing a substantial fine and jail time if you are charged with a crime. You may also be required to seek counseling, attend anger management therapy sessions, and pay restitution to the victim. As you can see, this offense can carry serious consequences. In case you have been wrongly accused of the crime, and are facing severe penalties, it is vital to hire a reputable criminal defense lawyer to prove your innocence.


No matter if you have already been charged with a domestic assault, or are under the investigation, you should seek the legal assistance as soon as possible. Otherwise, you risk facing severe consequences for the crime that you did or didn’t commit. Don’t let false assault accusations have an impact on the rest of your life and ruin your future. It is crucial to have someone experienced by your side to defend you in court and protect your legal rights. If you need help proving your innocence and fighting false domestic violence charges, a team of experts at Battlefield Law Group PLLC can help. They have years of experience in the criminal defense field and many satisfied clients. They will do everything in their power to protect your legal rights and help you win the case. All you need to do is to give them a call and schedule a consultation.

If your spouse or ex-spouse is trying to get revenge by accusing you of domestic assault, you need to find the right professionals to protect your rights and provide evidence to prove your innocence in court. It is critical to get in touch with experienced and reputable legal experts in Virginia and explain the circumstances of your case. As soon as they know all the details about your case, they will come up with a strong defense strategy and find a way to prove that you are innocent. You have the best chances of winning the case and preventing your ex-spouse from getting revenge if you have the right team of legal experts on your side.