Battlefield Law Group PLLC attorneys have considerable expertise in defending and prosecuting numerous types of litigation arising from all types of business transactions and disputes. Our experience includes handling complex, multi-party litigation concerning the following:

  • Unfair trade or business practice (Virginia Code § 38.2-6013 et seq.)
  • Violations of the Business Conspiracy Act (Virginia Code §18.2-499/500)
  • Violations of the Virginia Consumer Protection Act (Va. Code. §§59.1- 196 through 207.51)
  • Prosecution and Defense of all types of business torts
  • Intentional interference with contracts and prospective business advantage
  • Violations and enforcement of company and individual non-disclosure agreements
  • Violations and enforcement of non-competition agreements
  • Protection and defense of trade secrets actions
  • Creation and representation of Franchises
  • Creation, representation and registration of partnerships
  • Prosecution and defense of contested entity dissolution
  • Successful injunctive relief
  • Numerous prejudgment provisional remedies
  • Numerous prejudgment provisional remedies
  • Disputes involving real property ownership
  • Lease disputes
  • Representation and review of business and asset sale agreements, and
  • Limited trademarks and patents.

We have defended clients in every court in Prince William County, Fairfax County, Alexandria, and Arlington County. Further, we have represented countless clients in Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia as defended clients in many other foreign jurisdictions, sometimes litigating cases in California, Michigan and Ohio.

At Battlefield Law Group PLLC we are trial lawyers first. We understand that preparation for trial is the most important aspect of any litigation and the most effective and efficient way to secure settlement by an opposing party. As the old adage tells us: